DNV Pens

DNV Pens


Our pens are not just a stylish writing instrument but also your way of contributing to the DNV cause! These sleek pens are designed to make a difference, with 100% of the profit going towards supporting the rehoming of street dogs in Bosnia.

With a selection of vibrant colours including black, silver, navy, light blue, purple, and red, there’s a shade to match your unique style. All pens have black ink. By purchasing one of these pens for just £3.50* plus postage of £1.55, you’re not only adding a touch of elegance to your everyday writing but also actively participating in the efforts to reduce the street dog issue in Bosnia and unite dogs with their forever home in the UK.

Make your mark on the world and show your support with the DNV Pens – a small but powerful tool for change!

*Please note, 50p of the sale price goes towards our processing fees for handling your purchase online