DNV T Shirts (incl postage)

DNV T Shirts (incl postage)


Just in time for summer ! (Whenever that is!)
Now you can wear your support for DNV and show people who we are !
At the same time you will be contributing to the DNV cause! 100% of the profit goes towards supporting the caring for and rehoming of street dogs in Bosnia.

With a cool design “Home is where the dog is”
These T shirts are lightweight and washable at 40 C . Made of 100% Cotton.

Sizes Small Medium Large
Chest (Inches) 34-36 38 40-42
Width (cm) 46 51 56
Length (cm) 68 71 73.5

Each T Shirt is £8.50* Postage is £1.90 for 1
The system is prepared for 1 item.
Please contact us directly if you need more than one so we can sort out postage

Make your mark on the world and show your support with the DNV T Shirt !

*Please note, 50p of the sale price goes towards our processing fees for handling your purchase online