New DNV Pen and Flashlight gift set

New DNV Pen and Flashlight gift set


Give someone a gift of a stylish pen and brilliant mini flashlight keyring in a presentation giftbox. Maybe keep them in the car, the kitchen, wherever ! Both are red with “DNV Save Animals Bosnian Rescue”. (The pen has black ink)
At the same time you will be contributing to the DNV cause! 100% of the profit goes towards supporting the rehoming of street dogs in Bosnia.

Each set is £6.50* Postage is £2.50 for up to 3 sets.
The system is prepared for 1 set. Please contact us directly if you need more than one

Make your mark on the world and show your support with the DNV Pen and flashlight- a small but powerful tool for change!

*Please note, 50p of the sale price goes towards our processing fees for handling your purchase online