Tully Takes Off


Hot off the Press: Tully Takes Off!

The entire team at DNV rescue would like to extend our support and congratulations to our supporter and adopter Jess van der Hoech who in 2024 released a book based on the tale of one of our rescues, Tully.

Jess works as a counselor specialising in the impact of early trauma providing therapy for children and young people.  Based on the true story of an adopted Bosnian Steet dog, this therapeutic workbook supports children who are struggling with a big change or transition - a new home, school or placement, to help identify their big feelings and find a voice through Tully.

Most DNV members will remember the dramatic events and stressful days poor Jess suffered at the hands of runaway Tully (aka Eileen).  It's wonderful that these events not only had a happy ending thanks to the efforts of so many, but that they have gone on to inspire such a powerful book.

All profits will be donated equally between DNV and Lost Dog Recovery UK South who brought Tully home again!

Head over to Amazon where you can buy a copy for the children in your lives to not only help them with big feelings, but to support DNV and Lost Dog Recovery